Welcome to y'aura

Our quest for better health and living solutions has set the norm for skin and hair care products flooding the markets as quick fix remedies accompanied with striking adverts. The rise of allergies and other ‘now so common’ lifestyle diseases, whose causes are being linked to such common skin and hair care products, got us thinking on how we could help ourselves and our families restore harmony and escape from the silent suffocation caused to the skin. The frothing lakes that graced the news after every rain also bothered us. And thus began our journey of formulating products that are both skin-friendly and eco-friendly.

Mother Earth has been generous to bestow us in abundance with her healing powers through a wide range of fascinating flora. It's just that we’ve gone astray from such native natural skin care rituals.

And that's why, we at y'aura have taken it on our shoulders now to harvest the goodness of Nature and give you a choice to influence your well-being, regain and replenish your skin through our range of personal care products.

Our offerings are laden with an array of beauty and health benefits since we have strived to stay away from any harmful chemicals. We endeavour to help you align, restructure and embrace those good old traditional skin care regimes and hope that all you want to do would be to desire for more, never wanting to switch back to chemicals.

Beauty is in the suit of healthier skin.
Let’s help you wear it as long as you can.

Let’s co-exist.
Naturally yours