Some Handcrafted body love

Life seems to have come a full circle. There is a conscious move towards simplifying it, and rediscovering the joys of making things with our own hands, all over again.

We are a family of passionate bodycare product makers. Our journey began a decade ago when one of the youngest members of our family struggled to cope with a difficult skin condition. Our efforts to relieve him of the irritation led us to explore the many family skincare secrets and traditions borrowed from the earth, and nurtured by the good old ways.

All of that precious wisdom is now distilled into y'aura. y'aura, which stands for ‘your aura’, was thus born out of a need and desire to craft bodycare products that eliminate the usage of harmful chemicals that contaminate the body and earth.

Our intent to offer you products made out of thoughtfully selected natural ingredients extends to soaps, hair care, baby care, face care, lip balms, body lotions and butter. None of these contain ingredients that harm the skin or damage the environment.

We make y'aura gently and carefully with our own hands, without involving any machines anywhere in the process. y'aura contains the goodness of desi oils like coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil that are best-suited to care for our skin. (The extra feel-good plus is that our products help to promote the cultivation of these crops too.)

y'aura products do not contain Parabens, Pthalates, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Mineral oil, DEA, Sulphates or surfactants like SLS/SLES. We use only essential oils (botanical oils derived from plants) as a natural way to add fragrance to our products. It also helps that these oils have great therapeutic value. Our products do not contain any added ‘fragrance’/‘perfume’ that is a standard concoction of various lab-made and petroleum-derived chemicals.

So, pick up a y’aura product, and experience for yourself the goodness of some handcrafted body love.